Buckys Expression
The LEAN Client Loyalty Management
We believe we have created the most simple tool to measure client loyalty, by the “interested” score.

Measuring your client loyalty anywhere in the world

Buckys Expression is a simple one questions expression. It takes seconds to do. It provides results at your fingertips.

Control Charts

Provides top management with a reliable metric how the organization is doing on the “interested” factor with its clients.

Results from any location

Top management can’t be everywhere. The Buckys process can.

Individual confidential “interested” standing

Individual knows their own expression number, not top management. It removes the fear factor into desire for improvement

What businesses continually succeed?

At a minimum level, your organization has to provide the prospect or client with an “experience.” Why?

  • Each client’s experience is unique
  • “Uniqueness” cannot be copied
  • Thus your organization cannot fall into the price trap

The successful strategy that optimizes your growth is a ten out of ten with EVERY prospect/client’s experience.

When the interaction is positive, there is a high probability the client will repeat or refer to others (or both). Based on 300,000 live surveys.

  • Ten out of ten “experience” grows the business 142% without any marketing or advertising
  • Nine out of ten is not enough. A nine out of ten gets only 65% referral/repeat clients.
  • Eight out of ten drops to only fifteen percent.

The robust method is the measurement done by an independent company

It is critical that top management receives only the composite score. This provides each team member with the assurance their rating is not being used as punishment.

  • The independence of the third party removes fear and also stops the need by the recipient to “game” the evaluation.
  • Any evaluation where top management sees the individual scores will result in a skewed positive score. The result: top management gets a false sense of how well the organization is doing.
  • The Bucky Team provides specific training to each individual.

Our Plan

Start with a Free Trial for 90 days. Then select the package based on the size of your organization


$15.00 / month
$150.00 / yearly
  • 30 Sub-Users
  • 28 Surveys
  • Can View Report
  • Can Invite Email
  • Can Recieve Email


$30.00 / month
$300.00 / yearly
  • 36 Sub-Users
  • 26 Surveys
  • Can View Report
  • Can Invite Email
  • Can Recieve Email

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By focusing on your client’s experience. Buckys expression will provide you with valuable metric.

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Buckys expression is a simple one question expression. It provides a concrete number that is designed to support your staff in getting unfettered feedback